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Introduction to Hubspot integration

We have launched Hubspot Integration that allows you to link your Key Results to Hubspot Metrics for automatic updation of your goals. For example, You have a goal to build a 20mn USD pipeline. You must be tracking this number in your Hubspot CRM. With this integration, you can update your goal without even logging into Peoplebox.

Enabling the Hubspot integration

Anyone with access to Peoplebox can enable this integration. Here’s how it can be done:

  • Edit a Key result (KR) you want to integrate Hubspot with.

  • In the Edit KR drawer under the Progress Section, you will have an option to select and Enable the integration. If a connection has been made previously or if the integration has been enabled already, you will have the option to Edit the enabled integration.

  • This integration can also be disabled by unchecking the Automatic Updates From option.

Configuring the Hubspot connection

  • After enabling the integration, the first step is to configure the Hubspot connection.

  • In the Connect to Hubspot drawer, click on the Connect to Hubspot button.

  • A new tab will open where you will need to select a Hubspot account to continue with.

  • Once you select the Hubspot account, you will be redirected to Connect App page. Click on the "Connect App" button.

  • After this step, you will be taken to Specify Input Fields tab.

  • You can update the name of the connection by going back to the Authorize tab.

Connecting the Hubspot connection to an OKR

Once you have configured the connection, the next step is to start linking OKRs to the Hubspot metrics.

  • After you have added the authorization details, the next step is to Specify input fields.

  • In the Metrics field, you can search for the metrics you want to connect from the Hubspot such as Total Deal Value, Deals Count, etc.

  • Then specify the filters such Owner, Date Range, Pipeline, and Stage

  • Then Verify your result and then click the Save Changes button to successfully link your Objective or KR to Hubspot.

More Details

  • Automatic Updates happen once in 24 hours. You can also at any time do a manual update from the Hubspot icon on the listing and the Goal details page.

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