If you don’t see the expected direct report’s goals, check the following

1. Is the goal is created with parent-child relationship? (Applicable for KRA/KPI)

If your organization is following a KRA/KPI format - ensure your direct reports have KRIs.

In the above example, "Sell 1 million iPhones" & their children would show up. But Launch 500 Apple stores won't. Because "Launch 500 Apple Stores" doesn't have any KRI.

2. Has the goal been assigned to your direct report?

Go to the Goals tab and click on your direct report on the left side. All the goals that you see for the relevant cycle are what you would see in the goal approval screen

3. Is the goal for the correct goal cycle for the review assessment type?

Check if the cycle is correct for the goals set. For your review cycle, there would be a pre-defined set of goal cycles (eg: last 2 quarters or last 1 year). Ensure that your goals are in those correct cycles.

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