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Introduction to integrations

Peoplebox features integrations with industry-leading tools and platforms to make your OKR implementation as simple, effective and seamless as possible. Don’t switch away from the tools you love, and don’t waste time switching back and forth: use integrations to automatically update OKRs when your work gets done and foster ongoing feedback around your goals.


  • Sales team plans to close $10mil in sales in a quarter. They connect their objective to the Sales Pipeline on Hubspot. As they keep closing new sales, the progress automatically keeps updating in Peoplebox.

  • Engineering team plans to resolve 50 known security issues in their app in a quarter. They link their objective to an epic under which issues get filed, and set the target of their KPI success metric to 50. Jira Integration ensures that as and when the issues are resolved on Jira, the progress is updated in Peoplebox.

Supported Integrations

  1. Google Sheets

  2. Jira

  3. BigQuery

  4. MySQL

  5. PostgreSQL

  6. Hubspot

Enabling an integration

Anyone with the access to the specified tool can enable a integration, and here’s how it can be done:

  • Edit a Key Result(KR) you want to integrate with.

  • In the Edit KR drawer under the Progress section, you will have an option to Enable the integration. If a connection has been made previously or if the integration has been enabled already, you will have the option to Edit the enabled integration.

  • This integration can also be disabled by unchecking the Automatic Updates From option.

Data Update Frequency

Peoplebox will check for new data once per day. You can also trigger a sync manually by clicking on the integration icon next to the progress bar -> Sync Now to initiate a sync instantly.

Request an Integration

  • Don’t see an integration with your favorite tool? Feel free to suggest one here.

  • You can also email us on or

  • You can also get in touch using the intercom bubble on the bottom right.

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