To bring your historical goals to Peoplebox, if you share us an Google Sheet/ Excel sheet with data in the format below, we'll be able to upload the data for you.

Upload notes

  • The email address for the goal owner must match the current email address for the user within Peoplebox. If there are multiple owners, please put them in comma separated

  • Parent Goal should be the goal to which this goal is a Key result for

  • The "type" of Goal must be "binary", "number", "dollar", or "percent"

  • If "number", "dollar", or "percent", the goal must have starting amount, progress amount and goal amount

  • Private must be either "true" or "false". Private Goals are visible only to the owner and their manager. Public Goals are visible company-wide

  • Scope can be "company", "department", "individual"

  • Dates must be in ISO 8601 formatting (YYYY-MM-DD)

  • Key results will need to be included as separate goals with parent goals as the objective

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