To have a good and credible response to a Survey, it is important to set the context to the target audience with the "what, why, and when" of the survey.

What it should have:

  • Why are we running this survey

  • What we are trying to achieve

  • How feedback will be collected

  • Who all this survey is for

  • What to expect next


Hello <everyone/team/campers>,

We have partnered with Peoplebox to collect anonymous feedback around <Survey Title> for <Target audience>.

Why are we running <Survey Title>?

[This is the crux. Share the specific reason why you want to run the survey - eg:

  1. Our people are the most important part of our company and our Engagement survey lets us hear from you on how things are going so we can identify how things are going and continually improve your experience.

  2. Since this joint goal is really important for us and it requires cross-team collaboration , we want to understand how well the teams are working well together and is there a environment for collaborating so that we can achieve great results]

What happens next?

You'll get an email from Nova from Peoplebox in your Inbox <time when you are planning to send>. You can just click on the email to respond to the survey. It has <x questions> and will not take more than <y minutes> to respond.

Is it really anonymous?

We are keen on keeping this survey anonymous because it will help us to get honest information and empower you to voice your concerns without any consequence.

This survey is completely run by Peoplebox in a secure external website. Your individual response cannot be viewed in isolation and will be aggregated and shared if the report has more than 3 responses. No information about you will be shared with us or your manager.


<Survey Administrator>


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