There are some key elements for a successful launch and adoption of a 1-on-1 program in your organization.

  • Having a champion in each team/group drastically increases the adoption of the program. It is important that the champion believes and wants to invest time in building a 1-on-1 culture within the team. Usually it is the business leaders, CTOs or P&L leaders who are concerned about performance, motivation and retention.

  • Building a process and accountability with cadence ensures that the 1-on-1s are happening regularly. This includes weekly team meetings where overall 1-on-1 compliance is shared and discussed.

  • Good launch communication will help in setting the context on why this process is important and how we are going to adopt it.

Resources (for you)

  1. Complete video walkthrough of how to why, when and how of 1-on-1s

2. [Help Article] How to setup your 1-on-1s using Peoplebox

Email Templates

Email template for Org-wide launch of 1-on-1s from Leaders

What it should have:

  • Purpose: Why are we are doing 1-on-1s

  • How we will measure the success of it

  • What is expected from you.

Hello <everyone/team/campers>,

As we grow as an organization, it is important for us to ensure we are building a good culture of sharing and receiving feedback. This helps us move away from a once in a year performance meetings to a continuous coaching & feedback conversations through 1-on-1 checkin meetings.

We have partnered with Peoplebox to help us to have these structured 1-on-1 meetings.

Why are we starting 1-on-1 meetings at <Organization name>?

[This is the crux. Share the specific reason what motivated you start the process]

  1. People are the most important part of our company and having a personal space where one can open up about issues that are holding is extremely important.

  2. Having regular conversations around development of professional skills along with understanding of career path is much needed.

  3. As a manager, it gives you room to share feedback (both positive & critical) to your direct reports on a constant basis so that there are no surprises in the year-end. Also, it helps you to bring teams into alignment by sharing expectations and plans.

  4. Your checkins and notes will form a crucial part of your year-end performance reviews where you can review all the notes and continuous performance trends to give a well rounded feedback.

What happens next?

Over the next couple of weeks, your HR Business Partner and your team leaders will be reaching out to you and your managers to kick-start the process. This will also include a webinar where you will be given a walkthrough of the process where you can ask your Questions.


<Organization Leader>


Email template for HRBPs/Leaders to launch Peoplebox to teams

Hello <everyone/team/campers>,

In context with the email update shared by <leader>, I wanted to kick-start the 1-on-1 process within our team and share essential information.

What are 1:1s?

  • The 1-1 is the best way for managers and those who report to them to connect on pressing issues, develop a strong relationship, and ensure that employees feel like they’re working toward their goals – at work, and otherwise.

  • It is also a place to discuss performance, feedback and coach for new skills to grow in their careers.

Upcoming Webinar on <Date>

To help you get started, we are Organizing a webinar & workshop where you can understand how 1:1s work and setup your account to start within your team.

Date: <>

Time: <>

Meeting Link: <>

We'll also send you calendar invitations for the same. Please ensure you don't miss it to get your questions cleared.

Setup your Peoplebox Account

Before the webinar, setup your Peoplebox account to ask questions.

  1. Create your account in Peoplebox: You would have got an invitation for Peoplebox in your email inbox. Click on the link to signup. Alternatively, you can go to and login with [Google/Microsoft] accounts. Please make sure that you are using our company domain accounts.

  2. Sync your calendars: Having your calendars in sync helps Peoplebox to automatically fetch your upcoming 1-on-1 events with you having to add.

  3. Setup 1-on-1s with your direct reports: Decide a specific day that can be recurring for each of your direct reports and create a calendar event.

  4. Prepare for your 1-on-1: If you have some talking points before the 1-on-1, add them to the notes so that your manager/direct report is ready.

  5. Checkin performance rating: Before each 1-on-1 checkin the performance rating for your direct report since the last 1-on-1. This helps to aggregate over a period of time how their performance has been.

  6. Request for productivity checkin: Request your direct report to update their productivity rating before 1-on-1s - this helps you to have a conversation on how you can improve their productivity.

  7. Capture Notes: It is important to capture notes in the 1-on-1 to ensure that your 1-on-1s are documented.

  8. Review reports: At the end of every week, open the Peoplebox homepage and see the reports to ensure you have caught up with everyone in a regular cadence. If you have missed talking to someone.

Materials & Links

  1. [Video] How to get started with 1-on-1s in your team using Peoplebox

  2. [Document] How to get started with 1-on-1s using Peoplebox




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