Hey there! Exciting news. We have been working on Goal Cycles (Annual, Quarterly and Monthly) for the past few weeks and we would like to give you a sneak peak of the changes that we will be rolling out in the coming weeks. It will change how you have been filtering goals, so please read through.

What are Goal Cycles?

Goal Cycles are the time period in which your goals are being worked on. It is Annual, Quarterly and Monthly for now.

How can I filter my Goals?

Filtering of Goals which was earlier based on the due date of a Goal is now changed to the cycle a Goal belongs to. You can filter based on any of the active cycles or upcoming cycles.

When can I set Goal cycles?

You'll have the option to set a Goal Cycle while creating/updating a Goal. You can now also set a start date for a Goal.

What is a planning year?

The Goal cycles will depend on a configuration called Planning Year. Planning year says what is the first month that your company wants to use for starting their Goal planning cycle. (Could be Jan, April, July, October)

IMPORTANT: What happens to my existing goals?

We will migrate your existing data based on the due date of each goal and the date they were created on. Each Goal will either be put in a quarter/month/annual cycle. Users can always change it as per their requirements once the feature is released

I still don't understand the new Goal Cycles, can I get more help?

Yes, we will do everything to make this change easy for our users. Please send us a message on intercom or email us at support@peoplebox.ai and we will schedule a call to help you understand the changes.

My Goals have been put in the wrong Cycle, what to do?

Just send us a message on intercom or email us at support@peoplebox.ai and we will resolve it for you.

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