Getting started with Peoplebox for your 1:1s is super easy. We have built a seamless system so that you can migrate your existing 1:1s or add new ones with just one click.

To get started, simply follow the steps below

  1. Signup to Peoplebox here preferably using your Gmail/ Outlook login so that your calendar can be synced.

2. Click on 1:1s on the top menu

3. If you already have 1:1s scheduled in your calendar, simply click on Add Events from Calendar

4. Click on Gmail/ Outlook based on your email provider and sync your calendar with Peoplebox. It will ask for a couple of permissions. Your data is completely safe with us.

5. Once you sync your calendar, Peoplebox displays a list of all events and highlight the ones that it identifies

6. You can now add all your 1:1s on Peoplebox. If you have these recurring scheduled, you only have to add it once and Peoplebox will take the frequency into account.

7. Until you do it explicitly, the other member of your 1:1 (your direct, manager or someone else) is not invited yet.

8. Click on any 1:1 to start using Peoplebox for your 1:1s

Using Performance and Productivity Check-ins

If you are a manager doing 1:1 with your direct report, you will be prompted with a quick performance check-in. This is NOT visible to your direct report.

This way you can track each of your team members performance in real-time and discuss any concerns in your upcoming 1:1

Similarly, your direct reports are prompted with a productivity check-in.

As a manager, you can view this and understand what's working or what's holding your team back

Using Suggestion Talking Points

As a manager or direct report, you can use recommended talking points from a comprehensive list to make your 1:1s more effective

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