When you sign in into Peoplebox with your Office 365 account, Peoplebox gets permission to only read your profile. Which includes primarily your name and email address.

When you integrate your calendar with Peoplebox, Peoplebox requests following accesses:

Why do we require full-access to Create, Read, Update and Delete events?

  • When you create a new 1-on-1 in Peoplebox, we automatically create an event in your calendar as well

  • When you create a new 1-on-1 in your calendar - you can automatically sync it within Peoplebox to add notes.

  • Similarly when you decide to reschedule a event in Peoplebox or archive the event - the corresponding calendar event gets updated or deleted respectively.

The primary purpose of calendar integration is to make it seamless to add events into Peoplebox and reduce your effort. Rest assured your calendar data is safe and not accessible to anyone.

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