Only Admins are given the permission to add employees from Peoplebox.

You can invite your team members or colleagues by going to the Settings option located in the dropdown near your name on the top right corner. Then, click on 'Manage Employees'. A list of all employees who have been added will appear.

Individual Addition

You can add individual employees by clicking on "Add Employees", and adding the email address. Department and Manager is optional.

Bulk Addition

If there are multiple employees to be added, click on 'Import CSV'. To import CSV you can follow these steps: To do bulk employee, addition - download our format below

Once you are done convert your data into csv format supported by us and upload it in the tool. If you are using Microsoft Excel, please export it in CSV format and upload the file.

Check out the guidelines in the sheet before uploading

Inviting Employees

  • Once uploaded you can click on 'Invite' to directly send them an invite to join Peoplebox.

  • You can also select multiple and invite them.

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