Open the engagement survey and click on 'Analysis' to understand the outcome of the survey.

All the responses are anonymous and individual responses of the employees are never shared.

Your dashboard comprises of the following things:

  1. Question Responses

  2. Department Overview

  3. Driver Overview

  4. Open Text Messages

  5. Top and Least Rated Managers

Question Responses:

Here you can view the average score of all the questions asked in the survey. High scores are placed above and low scores are at the bottom.

Department Overview:

Check each departments' overall engagement score.

Driver Overview:

Any question you choose to ask in the survey belongs to a particular driver. You can check the average score of each driver.

Open Text Messages

Check open text messages from here. Click on the arrow in this box to go to the main messaging page and reply to these messages. All messages are anonymous, you can only view the department, employee details can not be revealed.

Top and Least Rated Managers

Know how each manager's team's engagement level. Engagement Score is about how engaged is the manager's team. Manager Satisfaction Score is how happy is the manager's team while working with their managers.

Here's a gif to give you a glimpse of how your dashboard will be:

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