If the majority of your employees are on Slack and they don't check emails often, then Slack becomes a better way to facilitate communication.

Through Slack, you will receive notification about 1-on-1 meetings and Goals.

Go to the 'Settings' option under your profile. Then go to 'Slack Integration' from the left panel and click on 'Add to Slack'.

Here's a list of notifications and reminders that you'll receive on Slack once it's integrated with Peoplebox:

  1. Add talking points reminder for upcoming 1-on-1 meetings
    Before any upcoming 1-on-1 meetings, Peoplebox will remind you through Slack to add talking points for that meeting

  2. Action item reminder
    When you set a reminder for your action items, you will be notified on Slack when its due

  3. Goal assignment
    If someone assigns you as the owner of a goal, you will immediately receive a notification on Slack

  4. Weekly goal(s) check-in
    Every Tuesday, you will be notified on Slack to update the progress of your goal(s).

Note: If you integrate Slack with Peoplebox for any one feature, it will be automatically integrated with other features as well.

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