Easily and quickly create a survey for all employees in the company

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Engagement' page and click on 'Create Survey'

Step 2: Create a survey name and set up questions of your choice

Browse through our questions library and filter the questions by drivers. Click on 'Save Questions' to add the question to the survey.

The questions bank has two types of questions - NPS and Open Text. NPS questions are based on a 5 - point rating scale and open text questions are open-ended questions.

Recommended: Use a combination of NPS and Open text questions to collect detailed feedback.

Step 3: Schedule the survey

Go to the 'Schedule' tab and select the date and time you want to send the survey to all employees in the company. Lastly, click on 'Schedule'.

Note: You can cancel and reschedule the survey till 15 minutes before the launch time.

Here's a gif navigating through all the above steps:

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