Goals help employees to prioritize their tasks with realistic and measurable goals that encourage continuous development.

1. Create a goal: To create a new goal, go to the 'Goals' section of the Homepage and click on the 'Create Goals'.

2. Write your Objective: Set your top level Objective. If your objective/goal is longer. Add them to the description.

3. Choose the cycle for which you are creating the goal for. It could be Annual, Quarterly or even for a month. By default the start and end dates would be based on the cycle, you can change them if it is different. The end date has to fall within the cycle.

4. Assign owners for the goals. It could be one person or multiple people owning a single goal.

5. Set how you'd like to track the progress

  1. Binary: A goal can be simply measured as complete or incomplete.

  2. Numeric: This is helpful when you have a numbered goal. For eg: Hire 4 new UI/UX designers

  3. Dollar: A goal that is measured in terms of currency. For eg: Generate sales of $2,00,000 this quarter.

  4. Percentage: A goal measured in percentage. For eg: Increase revenue by 30%

6. Set the scope - what is the scope of this goal - Company wide, Department or Individual. If you choose department, choose the department the goal would belong to.

7. Choose Visibility

You can decide if you want your individual goal(s) to be public or private. If the goal is public, it is to the whole company and if it is private, then it is only visible to you and your manager. Company and team goals have a default setting of public visibility.

8. Align it (optional) - once you create your goal, you can align it to any of the parent goals in your company.

9. Add Key Results

Get to know the appropriate progress against your goals by adding key results. Click on 'Add Key Result' to add more than one key result for one objective.

Finally, save and create the goal.

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