Checking in your employee's performance will help you to evaluate their performance on various tasks and also help during performance appraisals.

By giving you an option to choose reasons for your employees' high and low performance, Peoplebox helps you recognize high performing employees and have a 1-on-1 meeting with low performing ones to address the concern and understand their reason for low performance.

The performance trend of every 1-on-1s check-in keeps you updated with the highs and low in your employees' performance over a span of time. With this trend, over a course of time you can check for any performance improvements as well.

So, for performance check-in, open the 1-on-1 of your employee. Scroll down and click on 'Rate Performance' that is next to your Private Notes. Check-in your employee's performance and select the suitable reasons to back your rating.

While rating their performance, you can select what you liked or disliked in their performance and add additional notes.

Moreover, view your employee's performance trend to keep track of improvements or a drop in their performance. Over a span of some time, you can share feedback on their performance during 1-on-1 meetings with the help of this trend.

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